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Loyalty and incentive programmes

Loyalty set on profit

i360 offers the most effective loyalty and incentive programmes in one place. You can expand sales without worrying about legal and tax proceedings caused by improper execution.

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Loyalty set on profit

i360 offers the most effective loyalty and incentive programmes in one place. You can expand sales without worrying about legal and tax proceedings caused by improper execution.

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How do we handle loyalty and incentive programs?

At i360, we implement and manage B2C loyalty and B2B incentive programs from scratch. If you are already using such solutions, we can take over their maintenance, make appropriate modifications and further lead the whole strategy correctly.

Our work draws on the more than twenty-five years of experience of i360’s management team. Hundreds of successfully implemented loyalty and incentive programs can attest to our effectiveness.

We provide our customers with comprehensive support in conducting all elements of a successful loyalty program, including planning the strategy, the creative process, development and implementation of IT systems, proper communication, purchase and logistics of prizes, and in the case of data science analytics and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms. We conduct our activities in Poland and in 16 global markets, including: the EU, the Middle East and Asia.

Our programs include those aimed at sales intermediaries (distributors, sales representatives, decision-makers in retail outlets, expeditors) and those benefiting the end buyer.

We are distinguished by the highest standard of customer service and security of IT systems. We never fail!

How do you know you need i360?

Are you fed up with:

  • low-quality service?
  • unreliable providers?
  • waiting for someone to pick up the phone?
  • delays in the delivery of prizes?

What if I told you that:

  • you will achieve a significant increase in sales (above targets)
  • you will increase the likeability of your brand/shop/products
  • you will maximise your current reach and the generated results will be verified by Nielsen
  • you can legally lower your taxes
  • prizes will be delivered to you quicker and without damage (we have our own logistics centre)

i360 is for you if:

  • you are in FMCG, the construction, automotive or financial industry, services or retail
  • you are an expert: a manager in an organisation that employs at least 50 people,
  • you work as a sales, marketing or trade marketing director,
  • are looking for high quality and a comprehensive approach (not savings),
  • you want clear reports: we point out the data of key importance to your company

Why us? If you are still wondering whether i360 is the best choice:



We were the first to implement the International Standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013), certified by TÜV RHEINLAND.


Market leader for the sixth time

We are at the top of the ranking for integrated marketing agencies in the following category: “The Ability To Organise Successful Loyalty Programmes”.


Peace of mind

We take over all elements of the process, so members of the management board are no longer responsible for them. We also make sure that the campaign is 100% legal.

Loyalty Software

A professional tool for professionals

State-of-the-art software for stand-alone loyalty program management

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In simplified terms
How will we implement a chosen programme in your organisation?

1. Concept stage

The precise development and adjustment of this element to your organisation’s needs may seem time-consuming, but from a strategic point of view, you actually save time. Once you take the time, you can plan activities which will work out as expected and provide much better results.

2. Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are drafted in cooperation with legal experts. We also prepare applications for an individual interpretation of tax laws.

3. Design

We can prepare graphic materials for you, but we specialise in implementing projects. If you have a trusted agency, we can work with them to prepare excellent advertising materials for you.

4. IT system customisation

It is worth investing time in this last and most demanding stage because you will receive a results dashboard.

Is there any other way?

Of course! You can opt for other, much cheaper, solutions available on the market. However, it is worth checking whether these cheaper versions have the ISO 27001 standard. If they do not, we recommend that you find a company with this certificate.

Examples of our projects

Group 4250

Generali Discount Programme (Program Rabatowy Generali)

– aimed at TU Generali clients. By buying one of four insurance policies, participants get a discount from external partners. i360 is responsible for the IT system (front-end and back-end) and creative materials.

Group 4244

JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS PL: Your Time with Coffee (Twoja chwila z kawą)

– a competition for Intermarché shops, where you can win numerous prizes: coffee machines, prepaid cards and sets of products for completing the competition task.

Group 42443

Ice-Cream Bonuses with Froneri (Lodowe Premie z Froneri)

– the next edition of our Programme for Sales Representatives, who are awarded for selling specific products and packages of ice cream from Nestle, Zielona Budka, Schöller and Mondelez. Apart from standard bonuses on prepaid cards, this programme includes a range of special actions with attractive non-cash prizes and discretionary awards.

Group 42444

Big Star: A Car for Big Star jeans (Samochód za jeansy Big Star)

– a lottery for all types of trousers from Big Star. You can win vouchers for Big Star shops every day and, every month you have a chance to win a Hyundai i20. There are over 800 prizes in total.

What do our clients say about us?

I personally appreciated the perceived workstyle and collaboration with i360 a lot. I thank them for all the steps we have made up to today. If you are looking for a flexible, reliable, competent and honest partner, I can highly recommend engaging Tomasz Makaruk and his team at i360.

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i360 has been a strong and trustable partner for Visa over this period. Working closely with them daily has been a great experience, benefiting from their knowledge and footprint on the market.

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Learn more about loyalty programs and their benefits

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On our channel, we present issues related to loyalty and incentive programs in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

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Let’s Talk Loyalty

Let’s Talk Loyalty is a podcast aimed at loyalty marketing professionals who specialize in creating, managing and optimizing marketing efforts to build buyer loyalty.

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Expert recommendation

PhD Tomasz Makaruk

President of the Management Board and co-owner of i360

Find out more about i360 and get to know us better:

We have everything you need to prepare and run professional loyalty or incentive programmes, competitions and lotteries.

For over ten years, i360 has been providing end-to-end support in this area, thanks to which you can save time and focus on what you do best.

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